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Owner's Manuals & Documentation

Axe-Fx II

Axe-Fx II Owner's Manual (All Models)
PDF File—Feb 12, 2017
Preliminary version for Quantum 7 (All Axe-Fx II models)
Axe-Fx II Scenes Mini-Manual
PDF File—Dec 06, 2012
Version 1.02
Axe-Fx II Tone Match Mini-Manual
PDF File—Apr 24, 2012
Version 1.06


AX8 Owner's Manual
PDF File—Dec 19, 2016
Version 6


FX8 Owner's Manual
PDF File—Nov 14, 2016
Manual for FX8 original and FX8 Mark II, updated for firmware versions 3.0 or newer.


MFC-101 Owner's Manual
PDF File—Apr 24, 2012
MFC-101 MIDI Foot Controller Owner's Manual Version 2.01
MFC-101 Looper Control Mode
PDF File—Jul 13, 2012
MFC-101 Looper Control Mode Mini Manual
MFC-101 Quick Start
PDF File—Apr 11, 2014
MFC-101 Mark III Quick Start Guide
FASLINK™ Adapters Setup Guide
PDF File—Apr 17, 2014
FASLINK™ Quick Start Guide


EV-1 Expression/Volume Pedal Product Guide
PDF File—Feb 17, 2015
EV-1 Product Guide
Fractal-Bot Manual
PDF File—Jan 08, 2014
For the current version of Fractal-Bot