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Extra! Extra!UPDATE: Beginning in 2014, we began posting NEWS to our FORUM and FACEBOOK pages instead of this web site. Archives remain below.

Firmware 5.0 for the Axe-Fx II Released

Firmware 5.0 for the Axe-Fx II Firmware 5.0 for the Axe-Fx II has been released. 5.0 rolls out a new "DYNAMICS" page in the amp block, with controls to replicate the way real amps and speakers compress, plus an all new algorithm for the ENHANCER, plus more. Firmware 5.0 is available free on the support page of this web site.

Firmware 4.0 for the Axe-Fx II Released

Firmware 4.0 for the Axe-Fx IIFirmware 4.0 for the Axe-Fx II has been released, bringing a number of great new features to Axe-Fx II owners! First, power amp modelling has been revamped to for greater usable range and a more "open" sound from all amp models. Next, a new "FAS 6160" amp type is based on an existing hi gain model, but with exciting changes for the modern player. In the effects section, a totally new "tape delay" algorithm dialing in the best of vintage echoes. Plus bugfixes and more....

Firmware 4.0 is available free on the support page of this web site.

Firmware 3.0 for the Axe-Fx II Released

Firmware 3.0 for the Axe-Fx IIFirmware 3.0 has arrived for the Axe-Fx II. Three new amp models and several reworks add sound capabilities to the unit. The update also adds the capability for Axe-Fx owners to create their own speaker impulse responses, porting the sound of any profiled cab into the Axe-Fx for use in direct recording or monitoring. Power amp modelling has also been improved, for more "knock" on high gain tones. The new "Amp Voicing" control adds a single knob to create mix-ready tones, and much more. Firmware 3.0 is available free on the support page of this web site.

Steve Stevens goes for Two

Guitarist Steve StevensAxe-Fx II, that is! Steve is one of the most gifted guitarists to emerge in the last century. While celebrating a 30-year partnership with Billy Idol, Stevens also remains an on-demand session player. This Grammy Award winner was an Axe-Fx Ultra user for several years before getting an Axe-Fx II for a new recording project with Idol. After a few days with the unit, Steve told us, "Holy hell, this thing sounds incredible. Wow. I am blown away. Slamming." Thanks Steve!

Firmware 2.0 for the Axe-Fx II is Released

Firmware 2.0 for the Axe-Fx IIWith the first of what promises to be many free major updates, Fractal Audio Systems announced firmware version 2.0 for the Axe-Fx II preamp/ guitar effects processor. The new update, which Axe-Fx II owners can easily install themselves, adds new amp models, plus "triode hardness" and triode plate frequency" enhancements to amp modelling for even greater realism. Other features include cab warping, improved front panel screen performance, new fx parameters, and more.
Firmware 2.0 is available free on the support page of this web site.

New Fractal Audio Systems Web Site

Fractal Audio SystemsTo better serve our respective customers, Fractal Audio Systems and Atomic Amps will no longer share a website. You are now visiting our new, streamlined site. Please visit the web site of Atomic Amps for information on their products.

Axe-Fx II Now Shipping to Waiting List Customers

Axe-Fx II - New product from Fractal AudioThe much anticipated Axe-Fx II is now available in our new e-Store and shipping to customers on our waiting list. To get on the waiting list please send an email to with the subject "Add to Waiting List - Axe-Fx II". (Sorry, no confirmation emails at this time.) Direct/Retail price is $2599; When your name comes up on the list you will receive a promo code entitling you to purchase the unit for $2199. Learn more about the Axe-Fx II here.

New e-Store Launched at

New e-Store Launched at Fractal Audio Systems is pleased to announce the launch of our new e-Store at This new platform provides us with many opportunities to offer improvements and enhancements, and we look forward to bringing you even better shopping experience and customer service in the days and weeks to come.

MFC-101 Firmware Version 1.0 Released

MFC-101 Firmware 1.0: 10+ New Features!Fractal Audio Systems is pleased to announce the release of firmware version 1.0 for the MFC-101 MIDI Foot Controller. The free update adds over 10 new features, including top items from our forum wishlist. Onboard presets have been increased to 384, Tuner and Tempo can share a footswitch with 2-second hold selection for the tuner, and more. Current firmware is found on our support page.

New Axe-Fx Firmware Version 11 for Standard and Ultra

New Axe-Fx Firmware Version 11 for Standard and UltraFirmware Version 11 for the Axe-Fx Standard and Ultra is now available. The free update adds a taste of some of the great new sound of G2 modelling, developed for the Axe-Fx II, giving owners of Fractal legacy products a chance to hear some of what's on tap for the Axe-Fx II. Available free-of-charge on our support page.

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