I have been working with the Axe-Fx For almost a decade now, and with almost obsessive levels of scrutiny, I have been trying to find reasons to use other things, or ‘go back to amps’ …but something wonderful has happened, in that not only does the Axe-Fx III boost my CPU power and provide a truckload worth of tone in a unit I can carry in an overhead compartment, it also has put me in a position where in a very real way, I now prefer the tones I have created in my Fractal units over my traditional amps. On my newest record, after exhaustively micing up a dozen great amps in the studio, I actually chose to re-amp my signal and use the Axe-Fx III, which I preferred to all the amps. It is a total solution for me, and my life is literally better for it. I can’t recommend this technology enough.

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