Cab Lab 3

Cab-Lab 3 is a powerful IR mixer. The Fractal Audio Systems Cab Simulator Block uses Impulse Response (“IR”) technology to reproduce the sounds of real speakers. With onboard “Factory” cabs plus our innovative “User Cab” memories, you have access to a limitless range of tones. IRs are widely available in our official Cab Packs and many third-party libraries. You can even capture your own IRs using the Axe-Fx II. Sometimes a truly personalized tone, however, goes beyond a single IR.

For decades, artists, producers and engineers have been “crafting” tone using a mixer to blend the sounds of different mics or speakers. Cab-Lab allows you to use this same process, combining up to 8 individual IRs, auditioning the results in real time as you mix, and saving the result as a new User Cab IR for use in your own presets.

The totally new mixer in Cab-Lab 3 goes beyond simple combining, with mix tools to process, trim, filter, and adjust phase. You can even listen in real time while you adjust faders, whether using the Standalone version and an audio interface (including the Axe-Fx II), or the Plugin version in your DAW to process live or pre-recorded material. The Standalone version also includes tools to help you capture, convert, and batch process IRs, making it an exceptionally valuable component of a complete IR workflow. Either way, Cab-Lab gives you the tools you need to create your own signature tones—and delivers the high quality results you have come to expect from Fractal Audio Systems.

Perfect for Cab-Packs

Fractal Audio Systems Cab-Packs give you professionally produced speaker cab captures to load into your Axe-Fx II. Every Cab Pack is fully compatible with Cab-Lab, allowing you to create your own remixes of the individual microphones on a speaker in the same way producers and engineers have done for decades. UltraRes IRs in cab packs come with a corresponding raw impulse response file (.IR) so you can use the original capture data with or without minimum phase transformation.

Standalone and Plugin Versions

Cab-Lab 3 is available in both Standalone and Plugin Versions. The Standalone uses your Axe-Fx II or another audio interface so you can hear mix changes in realtime. The plugin processes audio in your compatible host DAW and can be used both to create new cab mixes for the Axe-Fx or to “re-cab” recording. We also offer a specially-priced bundle containing both versions.


Cab-Lab 3 Lite

Cab-Lab 3 Lite is a stripped-down version of Cab-Lab 3 designed to allow users to easily convert .wav IRs to .syx for sending to an Axe-Fx II or AX8. Standalone Windows and Mac versions are available for free download below.

Cab-Lab 3 Lite for OS X

Version 3.5.0 – July 28, 2020 – (.dmg file)
Requires OS X Version 10.6.8 or newer

Cab-Lab 3 Lite for Windows

Version 3.5.0 – July 28, 2020 – (.exe file)
Requires Windows 7 or newer.

Cab-Lab 3 Lite Manual

Version 1.0 – Dec 21, 2015 (.pdf file)
Requires Acrobat Reader or equivalent.