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Unleash your creativity with AX8-Edit, a free software editor/librarian for the AX8 Amp Modeler + Multi-Fx Pedalboard.


  • Mac and Windows versions.
  • Reliable, Stable, and Extensible.
  • Newly-designed Intuitive interface.
  • Requires the AX8.
  • Create or edit sounds right on your AX8.
  • Edit every sound parameter, including modifiers.
  • Import and Export files to share with others.
  • Copy and Paste effect blocks between presets.
  • Import Blocks exported from Axe-Edit.
  • Copy, Paste and Swap Scenes within a preset.
  • Save snapshots (undo points) while you edit.
  • On-screen tuner and tempo.
  • On screen modifier graphs and filter curves.
  • And much more…

AX8-Edit Image Gallery

Download AX8-Edit