FM9 Owner’s Manual

PDF File—August 23, 2021
Owner’s Manual version 1.x


Fractal Audio Blocks Guide

This guide covers all of the features and parameters of the blocks used to create presets on the Axe-Fx III and and FM3.


Fractal Audio Footswitch Functions Guide

This guide covers the functions that can be assigned to tap or hold for the onboard footswitches of our current products.

Firmware v1.0 “Cygnus”

Zip Archive—Aug 27, 2021
Firmware for the FM9.

Factory Presets v1.0 “Cygnus”

Zip Archive—Aug 27, 2021
Factory preset banks for FM9. Includes banks A, B, C and an ALL BANKS file. Use Fractal-Bot to install.

Windows USB Driver

Zip Archive – December 10, 2021 – Version 5.30
Windows 10/11 driver required for USB Audio and MIDI-over-USB (Fractal-Bot and FM9-Edit)

Windows 7/8 require the use of  driver version 5.12.