Axe-Fx III Owner’s Manual

PDF File—Apr 19, 2021
Current as of firmware 16.x
The Axe-Fx III Tone Match Mini Manual is also now available.

Fractal Audio Blocks Guide

PDF File—June 1, 2021
Current as of firmware 16.x

Firmware v16.05 “CYGNUS”

Compatible with Axe-Fx III Original and Axe-Fx III Mark II
Zip Archive—July 2, 2021
If you need help updating, see the Owner’s Manual or this guide.

Factory Preset Banks A,B, and C for CYGNUS

Zip Archive—June 21, 2021
Factory preset banks for Axe-Fx III firmware versions 16.04 or newer.
Archive: Presets v1p07, Presets v11p0, Presets v12p09

Axe-Fx III USB Driver Setup for Windows

Zip Archive – June 28, 2021 – Version 5.12
Requires Windows 7 or newer (x86 or x64).

Axe-Fx III USB Firmware Update v1.10

Zip Archive – Sep 12, 2020

No Driver is required for Mac OS X.
Connect the Axe-Fx III via USB and it will appear
in System Preferences and all audio/MIDI apps.