UPDATE: FAS-FX Reverb v1.5 is now compatible with Mac OS 12 Big Sur and Windows 11.

Created by Musicians for Musicians

Every employee of Fractal Audio Systems is a musician. We create the products we always wished for in our own experiences. This time however, we raised the bar even higher by consulting with a panel of Grammy-award winning producers, engineers, and some of the most-celebrated musicians who use our hardware products: the FAS-FX “Board of Advisors”. Their input was invaluable in helping us create a tool specifically tailored to the way modern professionals record and mix. Basic controls are clearly organized on one page. The intuitive UI serves both basic and expert scenarios at a click. Mix levels remain constant as you audition presets. You can share presets easily—importing with drag and drop, and keeping your library in a dropbox or other cloud storage. Use the built in EQ and ducker to “sit” the reverb without complex plugin architecutres, all the while enjoying the high-quality tones you have come to expect from Fractal Audio Systems.


  • Track and mix using the world-class Fractal reverb engine.
  • True stereo-in stereo-out processing plus a “Spread” control to reduce the width of the soundstage as desired.
  • Multi-mode interface keeps the basics at your fingertips but offers great depth for expert users.
  • Choose between seven reverb types to fit your scenario (Chamber, Hall, Plate, Room, Spring, Studio, Tunnel).
  • Apply fine control to the character of the early reflections and reverb tail to design reverbs to meet your specific needs.
  • Use the included four-band parametric EQ to fine-tune your reverb within the plugin.
  • Use the persistent Mix control to step through presets without changing the mix for easy comparison.
  • FAS-FX is remarkably CPU-efficient. Our “average” DAW test machine ran almost 100 instances!
  • Use the built-in “ducker” to dynamically adjust reverb levels without setting up a complex sidechain configuration.
  • Use native modulation effects to add rich dynamic depth to the reverb signal.
  • Load, save, and share reverb presets created by world-class music creators and producers.
  • And much more…

FAS-FX Reverb

FAS-FX Reverb is a professional-quality reverb plugin available in AU, VST, and AAX formats for Mac and Windows. It uses an enhanced version of the algorithm from the celebrated Axe-Fx II, known to discerning musicians everywhere for superior amplifier modeling technology and best-in-class effects. Now for the first time, we have taken one of these effects “out of the box” to make it available as a software plug-in for your digital audio workstation.

Extreme Sound Quality

Like all of our products, FAS-FX Reverb was designed first and foremost to offer the highest possible sound quality. By leveraging the power of the modern workstation, the limit is pushed even farther than on our hardware products to produce a truly fantastic reverb plugin. From small natural spaces to recreations of legendary analog and digital processors, to wild effects never heard before, FAS-FX Reverb provides exquisite reverberations to reflect your needs and creativity.