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Fractal Audio aims to offer prompt, personal customer service and support. Please help us get your questions to the right people by selecting from the options below.

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If you have questions before you buy, or questions about your order or RMA in the US or Canada, please contact us via email at

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If you ordered your product directly from Fractal Audio Systems, please contact us through or email us at


If you ordered your product from a Fractal Audio dealer outside the USA or Canada, please contact the dealer for your region.

Visit the Fractal Audio Forum

Our forum is a great place to find answers and much more. Fractal Audio staff participate in the conversations, and helpful members will often answer questions even faster than  official support.


Fractal Audio is a very personally owned company so you can rely on Fractal to give you the best service and advice a company can. Quick e-mail answers, in-depth knowledge to questions you may have, an official forum that the company owner posts at (and a few famous guitarists too!), etc. You really can’t go wrong with Fractal Audio as far as customer support goes. Best of all Fractal Audio is constantly sending out free software updates. Customer Support: 10/10

Thank you so much for your help. I have to say it is the best support I’ve ever gotten from any company period!

I can’t say enough about what [Fractal] has done… The customer service [they] give is unreal. [They] actually takes what people want and add it to the Axe-Fx for download… That my friends makes all the difference in the world.

Thanks so much for awesome support. You provided probably the most thought out sincere and helpful answer I have ever received from any customer service.

Fractal’s forums are awesome.. very friendly, and the customer service is the BEST in the industry. The Axe-Fx is updated very frequently as well.

[Fractal Audio] is a company with incredible customer service who really believe in putting the customer first. They listen to requests and they are constantly improving what is clearly an already great product and passing that onto existing customers through software updates.

Only once or twice in my life have I encountered a company in ANY industry as responsive and supportive as Fractal Audio. It gives you hope that there can be more to the music gear industry than profiteering mega-corps where hollow suits plan obsolescence and turn a deaf ear to both the music and the voice of the customer as well. Fractal on the other hand are real people– real musicians as well– who want you to be completely satisfied with every aspect of their work, and it shows. I for one am 10-out-of-10 appreciative.

You would imagine that a company who totally pwns all competition would get more like “the man” who we all deal with when making buys from the other guys. But [they] are every bit as fanatical about great service as [they were] when I bought my first Axe-Fx in 2008 …Among the very best in any industry.

Stellar! … the most responsive company I’ve ever dealt with. They have a very dedicated customer base because of it.

10/10: I’ve rarely seen another company with such a high end product paying such close attention to its customer requests.

After having the pleasure of using Fractal products for nearly 6 years now I can honestly say that it feels as new today as it did the day I bought it. There simply is no other product in any industry that has a similar customer-value based business model. There really is no other way to express the experience other than surreal. They’ve got a customer for life. This is a Disney/Lexus class experience. Customer service at its finest.

Great! Above and beyond with customer support. Having a stellar product is important, but one of the things that keeps people coming back is customer support and you have a lifetime customer in me.

My Axe-Fx II XL and MFC are the most important pieces of gear I have ever owned. Knowing that these amazing products are backed by the level of customer service you provided here just reinforces the fact that buying Fractal products was the best decision I could’ve made. Thank you again.

I’ve been playing guitar for over 20 years and I’ve never seen this kind of customer service or tech support the dedication of your support staff to the company and their products must be appreciated.

Thank you once again for being on top of things, responding quickly, and coming through in a pinch. You consistently go above and beyond what any reasonable person could expect and this is truly what was fractal audio in a class of its own. I look forward to shaking your hand and thanking you in person someday.

It has truly been a pleasure working with all of you! I have so much respect for you and your entire team… what you have done with the Axe-Fx is nothing short of revolutionary. Your support rep is unbelievably talented and completely dedicated not only to his craft of understanding everything Axe-Fx, but also to the service he provides for me and all of his clients. I am forever grateful for that.

I contacted your support queue just as I was planning a show and everything stopped working. [The agent] was so generous with his time, so knowledgeable, is a phenomenal trouble-shooter, was incredibly patient, and he made me feel like I was Fractal’s only customer. I never felt rushed – and he was extremely efficient in figuring out the issues. He also talked long-term about changes that were coming, which gave me a feel for the future and helped build my loyalty to Fractal and the Axe.

We’d like to thank all of you who take the time to send what we call “love letters” to Fractal Audio.
We work hard to earn your business and it is great to hear about your appreciation.