MFC Firmware & Presets

MFC-101 (All versions)

Firmware 3.08

Zip Archive—Mar 20, 2015
Includes versions for MFC-101 Original, Mk2 and Mk3

A Public Beta of MFC-101 version 3.09 is also available here.

This version includes a fix for expression pedal values “wrapping” on some MFC units. The upgrade is not required for most customers.

MFC Manuals & Documentation

MFC-101 Owner’s Manual

PDF File—Apr 24, 2012
MFC-101 MIDI Foot Controller Owner’s Manual Version 2.01

MFC-101 Looper Control Mode

PDF File—Jul 13, 2012
MFC-101 Looper Control Mode Mini Manual

MFC-101 Quick Start

PDF File—Apr 11, 2014
MFC-101 Mark III Quick Start Guide

FASLINK™ Adapters Setup Guide

PDF File—Apr 17, 2014
FASLINK™ Quick Start Guide