FC-12 & FC-6 Owner’s Manual

PDF File—January, 2020
Note: At present, the “Views” feature of the FC is available on the FM3 but has not yet been released for the Axe-Fx III. Watch for it in a future Axe-Fx III firmware update.

FC-12 & FC-6 Quick Start Guide

PDF File—January, 2019

FC-12 & FC-6 Firmware 1.11

Zip File—Mar 20, 2020 – Most new FC features and fixes will in fact be part of Axe-Fx III firmware updates. The FC does have its own basic internal firmware for low level functions, however, and this may sometimes require updates. To determine if your unit has the current firmware, re-start it and watch the main display. Installation instructions are included in the firmware zip file.