FAS-FX Reverb Media, Reviews, and Sound Samples

FAS-FX Reverb has been incredibly well-received. Below you will find media, reviews, demos, sound samples and more.

FAS-FX Reverb – Guitar Interactive Review by Tom Quayle

It’s a fantastic sounding reverb. They’ve actually produced a plugin that gives more horsepower than the reverb within the Axe-Fx, which is a really fantastic unit renouned for its quality… [FAS-FX Reverb] is an amazing sounding plugin with a very low CPU load. One of the most pristine sounding reverbs I’ve ever heard… it’s just so beautiful sounding. I’m hugely impressed with this plugin — I’m certainly going to be using it on my productions. Very impressive indeed”

This video accompanies a full review of FAS-FX Reverb in iGuitar Magazine.

Fractal Audio FAS-FX Reverb Demo – Mark Day

FAS-FX Reverb is a fantastic plugin. I got so accustomed to the reverbs in my Axe-Fx II that when I was using the plugins in my DAW I actually felt like something was missing. It’s not just the great sound that makes it my go-to reverb, but it’s a breeze to use.

Using the Fractal Audio FAS-FX Reverb in a Mix – Inside the Studio with Greg Wurth

Greg Wurth is a Grammy Nominated, Gold & Platinum award winning producer/engineer. Here are some highlights from his review of FAS-FX Reverb. “Amazing presets… It’s always great when you can get a plugin that can give you a really great spring reverb sound, and this definitely captures that… What I think is great is different modes. Basic mode… and if you’re adventurous… expert mode which is great. Some people want 2 or 3 knobs and [others] want to get in and tweak and this definitely caters to that. It’s a fantastic plugin. I think it sounds great and I highly recommend it!”

Nicolas Tomaro SoundCloud Demo

Here’s my full band demo of FAS-FX Reverb, minus vocals, to give you an idea of what this amazing tool can do. No other effects except for the FAS-FX Reverb. It is seriously a great versatile plugin. I mainly stuck with the presets in this one and they are much louder than I would use in a mix. This way you can hear what this plugin is all about. This is just the tip of the iceberg, but you get the idea. I had 10 instances of the plugin, and Cubase was still going strong. Good performance.

Here’s a list of the presets used (also tagged on the track)
0:00 Large Chamber (This was left through most of the song)
0:00 Cavern on Snare
0:33 Cavern Off
0:46 Gymnasium
0:59 Back to Large Chamber as an overall reverb
2:06 Rec Studio C
2:35 Cloud Formation
2:52 Spring Delay
3:10 Asylum Hall on Solo Guitar
3:46 Studio Acoustic Guitar (Bus)
4:00 Guitar Space on Lead Guitar

Simeon Harris SoundCloud Demo

Simeon Harris is a textural guitarist, teacher and sound designer from the UK. He has recorded seven solo albums, is a member of the Zillo Collective and has recently begun collaborating on the score for a documentary. His albums have been distributed by Alternity Records and Digital Nations.

For these demos, FAS-FX Reverb is running in a bus send with the bus return level at 0db. Here are the bus send levels and the presets used for each example.

Orchestra Concert Hall +2db
Hammond Medium Spring -12db
Piano Ambient Piano 0db
Rhodes Wide Hall 0db
Synth Huge Cathedral 0db
Drums Medium Room +2db
Organ Large Cathedral +3.5